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Easter Feast

This compilation of delicious dishes will be a hit at your table this year for your Easter Feast!  Plus there’s plenty of make ahead ideas that will make this year’s Easter feasting easier than ever!

A super simple one pot garlic and herb roast pork perfect for any fancy dinner party or a simple weeknight dinner

I find it interesting that people stress so much about their holiday feasts.  In reality there are just a few simple truths to planning that perfect Easter feast!  I used to stress way too much about all my holiday feasts and then I figured out what the key is.  It’s prepping ahead of time!!! I learned many years ago that if I prep majority of the meal ahead of time I would be quite happy the day of the major feast.

I have even found a way to start some of the prep for our glorious feast a few days ahead so that it’s even simpler to put the feast together the day of!  One of the tasks I hate more than ever is setting the table.  So therefore, I do it the night before Easter so that I do not have to worry about it the day of.  Or better yet, just have the kids do it 🙂

Since Easter falls on a Sunday it is that much easier to do the bulk of the cooking the day before at your pace instead of   rushing like crazy on Easter Sunday even though all you want to do is watch the little kiddos look for Easter eggs.

So ladies and gentlemen… here is your feast!  Now I realize it is a pretty heavy feast, so feel free to either use it all or some 🙂  I promise your family will not be disappointed!

 Easter Feast

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  1. This looks like an amazing spread! Thanks for breaking it down by day too – makes this really easy to plan! 🙂

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