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Personal Cheffing Services

Mila Furman is an accomplished private and personal chef, instructor, and food blogger serving families in Chicago, the surrounding suburbs, and lower Wisconsin.

Clients who have worked with Mila and the Girl and the Kitchen team have come to rely on them to provide delicious, wholesome food that impresses everyoneand leaves no one hungry. 

Mila and her chefs welcome the opportunity to work in your kitchen to cook your family’s weekly meals, private dinners, or other events where you’re looking to one-up traditional food offerings.

Meals and menu plans are tailored specifically for each client so that all of our clients’ family needs are met. Mila and her team can counsel you on the best type of food for your needs and prepare menus based on specific tastes, food allergies and sensitivities, or diet plans your family or guests follow.  

Top FAQs About Personal Cheffing Services

Many clients hire my team because…

  1. …they want to adhere to particular diet plans.
  2. …they want or that they want to make healthier choices in their diets and foods but need some guidance on how to do it.
  3. …they do not have time to cook due to their hectic schedules.
  4. …they are tired of eating overpriced, overly caloric food at restaurants several times a week.

    (Raise your hand if any of these qualify you!)

The Girl and the Kitchen team has a roster of clients that (at any one time) includes busy professionals, families with two working parents, expectant parents, seniors, people recovering from illness.

Ask us if having a personal chef is right for you.

When clients hire us, they get a host of benefits:

•  Clients get wholesome, delicious, restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of their own homes.  
•  Many meals can be transformed into lunches for kids and grown-ups for the next day.
•  They are advised on healthy food options to more processed foods that are in many of our pantries and kitchens.

Importantly, all of your food is prepared and crafted in YOUR kitchen.  Health department regulations require all meals be prepared in either your home or a licensed and inspected commercial kitchen. Preparing meals in your home guarantees that you are provided with the highest quality food possible.

Each week, we will send you a menu for the week.  Together, we will come up with a menu that best fits your needs and wants.

We never send recipes, but we do send descriptive menu options.  If there is ever a change to an ingredient, we will gladly work with our clients to make it fit their needs.

In our first consultation with you, we will review your/your family’s diet, highlighting its preferences and dislikes.  We understand that not all flavors are each client’s cup of tea, which is precisely why we customize menus.

We also want to make sure that clients know that they are charged an hourly rate for shopping for the foods that we agree upon (we’ll shop at your favorite stores upon request).  This consultation plays a big role in where and how we shop for you. We shop at the stores that we know have the best produce, proteins, dairy and other ingredients. 

When we arrive at a client’s home, we will supply receipts, and show you how many hours that were used for shopping.

Throughout the time we work with clients, the team stays in constant contact with you—by phone, by text message, however you feel is best for your needs.

Accountability.  We want to make sure you know exactly how much is being spent on your groceries and where they are being purchased from. Additionally, each client’s preferences vary.

We encourage clients to ask for receipt copies so they can see how we buy for the recipes and what we bought for you.


We use an “app” that keeps our client’s groceries extremely organized and detailed.  Once the menu has been confirmed, that grocery list is made available within the app. 

If the client has any questions while grocery shopping, we make ourselves as available as possible to the clients while they are grocery shopping (via text messages) to answer any and all concerns.

More Questions About Personal Cheffing

Each plan includes an initial consultation which helps determine your needs and preferences, customized menu creation, menu approval, nutrition, dietary recommendations, grocery shopping, in house preparation, packaging, labeling, handling instruction and kitchen clean-up.

Each entrée comes with one side dish—it could be a starch, a vegetable or a salad. These sides are specifically created to accompany your entrée.

We’ll keep the menu the same if you REALLY want it, but variety is the spice of life, right?  A new menu will be created for you each service. If you are not sure what you would like to eat, we will recommend menus for you based on your diets and cravings.

Pyrex containers are ideal. These glass containers are freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.  Not only do these uniform containers’ keep your food remarkably fresh, but save you space in your fridge and freezer. We are also happy to use whatever containers you currently have.

Each service is individualized to your needs. Some services consist of all fresh food, some frozen and some a combination of the two. Some dishes do not freeze well and can be discussed when planning your service.  Other dishes freeze very well and are created to be used in conjunction with the fresh meals.

Absolutely! We can create special meals/snacks for your children.

Yes. Glad to share proof and credentials with you.

Yes, I’m even happier to share these with you!

For all meals, 48 hours advance notice is required before you cancel your meal service. If you do not cancel at least 48 hours beforehand, a 50% deposit is forfeited.

And in NO way is there a contract—you can pay for each service individually and can end your service at any time.

Our chefs have been invited to travel with families when the clients decide that they need a vacation but cannot LIVE without their chef.  Accommodations and agreements for this are discussed in advance.

In most cases, clients are working or running errands while the chef is preparing meals.

We are not responsible for domestic services in your home; we are solely responsible for the food you eat.

We offer meal services daily, weekly, every other week or once a month. Depending on the number of entrees, our chefs can take anywhere from three to six hours to complete a menu plan.  Times vary depending on complexity of the menu and your preferences.

Most importantly, we are happy to accommodate your schedule.

ABSOLUTELY.  Reach out to me at and I will gladly answer anything you need to feel comfortable about this choice.

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