Welcome to my Kitchen!

Having worked in many incredible restaurant kitchens as a chef, I know what it takes to make wholesome and delicious food with simple ingredients and bright flavors!

I believe that anyone can make great tasting food by knowing a few of the tips of the trade. I’m so excited to teach you how to prepare incredibly tasty and wholesome meals made with simple ingredients that are loaded with flavor in no time at all!

Who IS the Girl and the Kitchen?

I am the recipe developer, writer, photographer and chef of this blog!  Girl and the Kitchen is also a thriving private chef and boutique catering company in the Chicago area, specializing in servicing many homes on the North Shore. (Interested in our services, check out how we can cook for you here!)

I am a mommy to a gorgeous girl named Charlie and my sweet youngest son Marcel and wife to my loving and wonderful husband, Mark.  They are frequent guest stars on this blog.  I have always created a culture in our family that to love is to cook and to cook is to love.  But most importantly, I believe that it is important to eat well and wholesomely.

I also have a dirty little secret…I am OBSESSED with reality tv!  I love all things Bravo and TLC! I even watch them on my iPad while I cook…as a crazy busy professional, mom and wife… this is the only way I can get all my shows in! My husband thinks I am nuts but this is just my vice…take it or leave it.

Where can you find me?

Everyday I take my passion for cooking and wellness and my knowledge as a chef and turn it into incredible recipes for my friends and family.  My recipes are always full of flavor, made of fresh ingredients and incredibly delicious!  Most importantly, all the recipes you will find here are designed, tested, and created by yours truly, and taste-tested by my family and friends!

Come Into My Kitchen