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Foodie Friday Sweets for your Sweets - girlandthekitchen.com

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is around the corner??? Get ready for hearts, chocolate, loads of pink EVERYTHINGS  and overpriced roses…. 

I do love Valentine’s Day…I think it’s the teenager inside of me that just wants to be romanced and swept up off my feet.  That and I love presents… any kind of present…even the chocolate kind.

This year I will actually be spending Valentine’s Day in sunny JAMAICA!!!  I could not think of a better present than that… having to spend the day of hearts with my two sweethearts, the hubs and the munchkin…  We leave this Sunday, so I will be taking a small break from blogging as well as from this little party!  But don’t fret I will be back before you know it.

I have to take my hat off to you readers… You are just amazing!  Can I say that?  You have helped our little link party grow IMMENSELY.  And for that I take my hat off to you 🙂

I must say… this week I had a really tough time picking my favorite features… A REALLY TOUGH TIME.

Pop Tarts are kind of evil.  But these Phyllo Dough Toaster Pastries are ANYTHING but.  Light. flaky and perfect… Project Pastry Love transformed everyone’s childhood favorite breakfast treat.

Foodie Friday Sweets for your Sweets - girlandthekitchen.com

She also made this…When I saw this Crepe Cake with Chocolate Rum Mousse from Project Pastry Love I swooned..and instantly knew this was a must have for this round-up… it’s gorgeous and elegant and I am reminded that I HAVE to post mine one of these days before it gets devoured.

Foodie Friday Sweets for your Sweets - girlandthekitchen.com

Speaking of cakes…can we please collectively “oooh and ahhhh” over this stunning Raspberry Cake with Rose Water and Pistacio Cream Swiss Meringue Butter Cream from Giramauk’s Kitchen?  Dini is no stranger to the world of baking or to this blog…or to these features for that matter… But my God that girl KNOOOOWS cakes!

Foodie Friday Sweets for your Sweets - girlandthekitchen.com

Can we please pause for a moment and look at how cute these Raspberry Meringue Kisses  from the Domestic Goddess are?  Tots adorbs right?

pink raspberry meringues  - girlandthekitchen.com

I think by now…we have figured out how much I love rustic things…so this simply precious Rustic Banana Berry Galette, just sprung of the page for me…vivid perfection.

Foodie Friday Sweets for your Sweets - girlandthekitchen.com

Last but certainly not least…is a glorious apple tart.  But not just any apple tart…a classic French Rose Apple Tart…and Nikki from Tikkido even has a tutorial for you on how to make those elegant roses.

Foodie Friday Sweets for your Sweets - girlandthekitchen.com

That’s all folks!!! I will try and keep up with you all from sunny Jamaica…but there are no promises on Caribbean time.

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  1. Mila you made me smile! 😀 Thank you so much love! all of your features look so amazing too. I can’t wait to check them out and the ones this week! There’s going to be a lot of Pink (just like you said!)
    Plus can I say how Jealous I am that you’ll be in Jamaica ;)?? I hope you have an AWESOME time with your family 🙂

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