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Sooo this week in my exciting life…the DirectTv receiver stopped working.  Yes.  It. Just. Stopped.  So I have been sans Housewives, Idol, Matchmaker, Courtney, John Stewart and those crazy GLEEKS.  So instead of dedicating a lot of my time to my beloved Housewives, I went to bed earlier each night…and surfed the net on my Ipad. 

And what did I find?  BLOGS!  Obviously.  If I am not cooking or writing for my blog I am looking for inspiration for my blog.  And I follow some pretty amazing bloggers.  Who follow some pretty amazing bloggers…who write about those pretty amazing bloggers.  All who make me want to get up into my kitchen and start cooking their delectable creations.

So I give you my Fab 5 for Friday that I want to make this week!

Bakeaholic Mama had me at caramel in her brown butter oatmeal cookies filled with caramel.   These little babies are my type of cookie…ooey in all the right places.  Especially since she RECOMMENDS you eat them warm! You mean I do not even have to have a grace period while I wait for them to pop out of the oven!  Oh. My. Gah.  I am done for.  I posted a link to these cookies and instantly had someone ask me to make them.  Being the good blogger that I am..I shall make them.  Naturally, I will get to taste the first few and then give the rest of the tempting little suckers away…let them eat cookies.
caramel pb filled oat cookies

And then I saw this.  A real live Twix cake.  Who thinks like this! Steph from Raspberri Cupcakes does. Steph does.  And after seeing this I realized she is a cake genius.  This is a gigantic Twix bar! Except with homemade gooey salted caramel.  And none of those fancy preservatives the Twix peeps sneak in there.  This is just. plain. awesomeness.  Thank you Steph…thank you for making me actually want to try to make a cake again.  This looks like something that you would need a golden ticket for.  A real live Twix cake - Girl and the Kitchen

Aside from the fact that this little chickadee has some sickly gorgeous photos, she also has some pretty inspirational recipes on her site Damn Delicious!  And this one is no different. She combines a classic chicken noodle soup and makes it deliciously evil by making it all chowdah like.  (I’m trying to do a Boston accent here…humor me).  Chung-Ah   speaks to me.  She is my type of gal.  I too can have soup morning, noon or night.  In the heat or in the cold.  Sniffles or not.  This girl makes me want to go all bad girl on my chicken noodle soup.  And I like it.

little chickadee - Girl and the Kitchen

Right after I washed the suds off my hands from scrubbing my crockpot, I ran into this gem of a recipe from Lindsay at  Pinch of Yum.  Umm what? Did you just say skinny and lasagna AND crockpot!  The crockpot and I have become very good friends lately, but I have yet to introduce it to lasagna!  Wow!  Lindsay has definitely outdone herself.  She even says that it looks like a big ole’ mess and then you put it in your plate and it’s awesome.  Yes Lindsay, this does look awesome.  And yes, my crockpot shall be meeting the sexy little Italian vixen lasagna.

Crockpot veggie lasagna - Girl and the Kitchen

And my last contender is from the culinary minds of Lindsay and Taylor of Love and Olive Oil.  I’m sorry but who would have thought that combining sweet tea and chicken wings would ultimately render these gorgeous little babies.   They look sticky in all the right places and succulent in all the other places!  My oh my, you had me craving these from the moment my mouse hovered over them.

baked hot chicken wings - Girl and the Kitchen

Thank you my fellow bloggers…for giving me such fantastic material to look at while my Housewives took a break from my house.

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  1. Oh my! I end up doing the middle of the night surf when the hubs is at work (like now), and you’re right. There are some awesome bloggers out there, especially of the ooey-gooey variety. Those pics are making my mouth water just thinking about them! I have GOT to try the chicken noodle chowder one since the hubs loves chicken noodle soup and I’m a think-soup kind of girl! Thanks for rounding these up! I hope your receiver stays broken 😉 Just kidding!

    1. Haha! Ironically as I was writing this up … Hubs installed the replacement reciever 🙂 glad to see you stop by 🙂 keep me posted on how that chowdah works for you!

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