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How to Make Instant Pot Short Ribs

This super simple recipe for how to make Instant Pot short ribs will save your life!  Super tender short ribs with a delicious red wine and balsamic sauce will steal the show at any dinner table yet they are simple enough to make for a Monday dinner! 

How to Make Instant Pot Short Ribs


It didn’t.

And I hate to admit it…but I am glad it didn’t.  Because I have spent 2 weeks experimenting with my new trusty Instant Pot and there are very few things that it has done for me that I was underwhelmed with.  Mostly everything I have made in this trusty gadget has come out tender and delicious.

My Red Wine Braised Brisket was my very first experiment in there and it was what proved to be that this Instant Pot gadget was here to stay.   Just look at how tender they are and all done in an hour!

Red Wine Braised Brisket and baked potatoes in a plate

But I knew the ultimate test for me would be short ribs.  I have perfected short ribs.  And being a creature of habit… I find it difficult to steer away from recipes, ideas and people who I have already vetted.  But I fought and I fought hard and decided that should indeed try Instapot short ribs…at the very least so I can test it out for my loyal readers, they deserved to know the truth.

And the truth happened to be delicious.

This super simple recipe for how to make Instapot short ribs will save your life! Super tender short ribs with a delicious red wine and balsamic sauce will steal the show at any dinner table yet they are simple enough to make for a Monday dinner!

What came out of the Instant Pot was nothing less than amazing.  I had learned how to make short ribs and indeed I was impressed.

Naturally I still used many of my techniques that make a beautifully flavored sauce, but even so, I could not argue with the fact that they were done so quickly and were so ridiculously tender.


  1. Searing the short ribs: As with any other roast or stew the first step is to sear the protein.  Despite what the popular belief is, searing protein is not done in order to seal in the juices.  Instead, it is done to create a flavor base on the bottom of the pot after searing.  THIS IS THE ONLY REASON to sear proteins.  This flavor base is absolutely critical to the flavor of soups, stews, roasts and sauces.
    • When searing make sure the pot is smoking hot.  In this case, we turn on the Instant Pot to the “Saute” option and add in our oil of choice (any oil is fine except butter) once the digital display shows “Hot” we add in our seasoned meat into the pot.
    •  When searing it is crucial not to overcrowd the pan.   Meaning each piece of meat should have its own spot in the pot.  Each side of the meat should be perfectly seared and this is done with just a tad of patience an time.  In my Instant Potit took about 7-8 minutes per side.  And I did it in 2 batches and the color on the bottom of the pot was beautiful.  And THAT was our flavor.
  2. Adding in the Aromatics: The aromatics are another layer that is going to make this dish so incredibly savory and flavorful.  I used a super simple combination of fairly classic aromatics.  Shallots, garlic, onions, carrots, parsley and rosemary were all that went into the pot after the short ribs had finished searing.  While these aromatics may be simple they are just enough flavor to let the earthiness of the meat to shine through.
  3. Deglazing: Deglazing is just simply using a liquid (preferably an acid) to bring up all those gorgeous browned bits from the bottom of the pot.  In this case I used a nice red wine.  The important part of deglazing is to scrub the bottom of the pot with a wooden spoon or a spatula to get  all those brown bits up and into your braising liquid.
  4. Fast Natural Release: With pressure cooking (FYI…the Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooking) once the cooking time is over the pressure must come down within the pot before the pot can be opened.  There are three types of pressure releases.  Fast release, Natural Release and Fast Natural Release.  For the sake of time we are going to talk only about the Fast Natural Release.  When cooking large pieces of meat, if you do a fast release then the meat will toughen up from the sudden and fast change of pressure.  Instead we do a fast natural release.  Meaning, we let the Instant Pot go into the “Keep Warm” setting.  After 15 minutes passes, carefully open the lid and remove the meat and get ready to enjoy!
  5. The Saucy Glaze: Once I removed the meat and skimmed off the fat, I added in a few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar into the remaining liquid and turned the “Saute” option on in the Instant Pot. The balsamic has sugar in it and helps the sauce become a shiny glaze.  I simmered the sauce until it became a glaze consistency.  Then it was ready to spoon over the top of the uber tender short ribs.  This will take a tad longer.  I typically remove the sauce from the Instant Pot and place it in a large saute pan so there is more surface area for the sauce to reduce.  This can take an extra 20 minutes but I promise it is well worth it!!!

Instant pot short ribs glazed on top of mashed potatoes

This glaze guys…this glaze literally makes the meat shine.  As I stood and photographed this glorious piece of meat, I questioned if this had indeed happened…if I actually had figured out how to make short ribs…better yet make them incredibly tender and delicious.

The Instant Pot is not a magic tool you see.  It still requires a bit of work to get the flavor profile and the texture right.  But the Instant Pot helps the short ribs cook significantly faster than in the oven or the crockpot for that matter.

Instant pot short ribs drizzled with icing, topped with mashed potatoes and with parsleyI served this deliciousness over my Creamy Mashed Potatoes  but you can serve them over creamy polenta or even plain buttered noodled.  Either way, these Instapot short ribs will be tender, delicious and unforgettable.

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How to Make Instapot Short Ribs (4 of 5)

How to Make Instant Pot Short Ribs

  • Author: Mila
  • Yield: 6 people 1x


This super simple recipe for how to make Instant Pot short ribs will save your life! Super tender short ribs with a delicious red wine and balsamic sauce will steal the show at any dinner table yet they are simple enough to make for a Monday dinner!


  • 45 pounds boneless short ribs
  • 1 large onion
  • 2 shallots
  • 2 large carrots
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • 1 sprig of rosemary
  • 45 sprigs of parsley
  • 2 cups of good red wine
  • 3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Preheat the Instant Pot to the “Saute” option.
  2. Season your short ribs really, really well with salt and pepper. I always use Kosher salt.
  3. Place them in one layer in your pot and let them sear. Don’t touch for abut 7-8 minutes.
  4. In the mean time, dice up your onions, shallots and carrots.
  5. After 7-8 minutes are up, flip the meat to the other side and let it go for another 5 minutes.
  6. Once all the meat is nicely browned, remove it on a plate and turn the heat down to medium. Do this in two different parts if necessary ensuring never to over crown the pot.
  7. Check your pot, if you have a lot of more oil than about 1 tbsp (accumulated from the meat) then pour it out.
  8. Add your onions, shallots, garlic cloves and carrots to the pot and sweat for about 5-7 minutes until aromatic and soft. Toss them in all those glorious pan drippings. Season with salt and pepper.
  9. Add in the red wine. Scrub the bottom as you do this. Pick up all those nice bits that have caramelized from the bottom.
  10. Nestle the short ribs back in and add in one sprig of rosemary and the parsley sprigs.
  11. Seal the Instant pot insuring that the venting switch is set on to the “Sealing” position.  Press the “Stew” option and set the manual time to 35 minutes on high pressure. If you have bone in short ribs you will need to add 20 more minutes to the cooking time.  But the results will still be perfect! 
  12. Once the timer beeps, allow the Instant pot to go into the “Keep Warm” function for 15 minutes.  Carefully, switch the venting tab to the “Venting”  position and only once all the steam has been released go ahead and carefully remove the lid of the pot.
  13. Remove the meat, skim the sauce off with a spoon concentrating on only removing the fat.  Add in the 3 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, and turn back onto the “Saute” option.  Allow to boil until it has reached a glossy and glaze consistency. (See Note)


  1. Please note the nutritional information should only be used as a guideline.
  2. If you want the sauce to be reduced faster, put it in a larger pan so more surface area is covered and therefore it reduces faster.  This will take about 15-20 minutes instead of the 30 it would take in the Instant pot.  If it is not quite thick enough, simply create a slurry with 2 tbsp of corn starch and 2 tbsp of water and carefully stream it into the liquid as it boils until desired consistency is achieved.
  3. If you have bone in short ribs you will need to add 15-20 more minutes to the cooking time.  But the results will still be perfect!
  • Category: Entree, Main Course
  • Cuisine: French, Italian
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Don’t have an Instant Pot and still want glorious short ribs?  Not to worry I got your covered with this fabulous oven and crockpot friendly Braised Short Ribs Recipe

Instant pot short ribs drizzled with icing, topped with mashed potatoes and with parsley


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  1. I’ve never made short ribs before. So Not only was this my first time with this recipe it was the first time making short ribs. The meal was AMAZING!!! I confess that after searing the meat and sauteing the veggies I use the slow cooker setting for 7 hours. But the flavor was fantastic and the ribs were fall off the bone

      1. The sauce and vegetables were wonderful! The meat, not so much. I won’t make it again with short ribs, but I may make the vegetables and sauce with chicken thighs. Hubs thinks the sauce should be a bit more sweet and sour. That is just a personal preference. I loved the sauce flavor.

      1. Hey Ally! I did not do it for 7 hours 🙂 I cooked it on manual and the best part is, once it is done cooking it can just hang out without over cooking 🙂 It will stay warm and gloriously delish!

    1. This was my first attempt using my Instant Pot – and I was so disappointed. I followed the recipe to the T and some of the short ribs were tough. Some were tender. I allowed it to slow release for 15 minutes, so I’m sure that wasn’t the problem. What I noticed after I had everything cooking was the last line in the recipe, which I hadn’t seen before – that you need to add 15 minutes to the cooking time if they’re bone-in. Geez – if that had been first, maybe that would have made a difference, since mine were bone-in!

      1. Yep, the extra time is for the extra cooking required. Think: the bone is solid and takes longer to heat up. Glad I saw your review, I didn’t see the extra 15 required and will make mine as such.

        1. Hi JB! It shows the part about cooking longer in multiple parts of the recipe…do you think there is a better place I can put it for people to see?

          1. The recipe says it’s for “boneless short ribs”. Perhaps put (*see note for bone in short ribs). I have bone in so when I saw it was for boneless I kept an eye out for variations so I saw it. I’m looking forward to making mine on Monday.

        2. I added an extra 20 minutes on top of the extra 15, they were still a little tough after the first 50 minutes. The extra twenty made them perfect!

          1. I am so glad to hear that! Sometimes we all have to do a few tweaks. I am glad you figured it out!

      1. This is the best recipe, never cookwd short ribs before hubby and kids devoured them with mashed potatoe and salad. will make again

    2. I’ve made this recipe and we loved it so much that I’m going to serve
      It for Christmas dinner this year! Question—I’m going to make this a day ahead and so I was wondering about reheating instructions? Especially, when I should add the balsamic. Should I make the glaze the day before and reheat the ribs in the glaze or wait until the day of to add the balsamic?

  2. Can’t wait to try it but is it seriously nearly 1800 calories per serving? That can’t be right. Also I’m a little confused about the use of the veggies after venting. Are those to be included in the final serving or just the meat? Thanks.

    1. Hi Kathryn, that’s why I always write that the nutritional information is to be used as a guide only. Sometimes it needs to be adjusted in other programs. I will try and re-work it so that it makes a bit more sense but the system is sadly sometimes a bit more quirky 🙂

  3. Thanks for this.

    I made this for guests for the first time in my Instant Pot and they all enjoyed it. I liked the little zing from the vinegar. I won’t make it often, as the ribs were expensive! But I’ll do it again for guests.

    A minor point: You don’t explicitly say if you should dice the garlic with the other veggies. I crushed mine, which worked out great.

      1. Fantastic recipe! Only thing is that searing 5lbs of short ribs takes more than 2 batches

  4. I have made short ribs several times before in the dutch oven and made them for the first time tonight with the Instant Pot. I can’t say that I liked the results. I tried to recheck everything to see if I made any mistakes, and I can’t find any. The meat is not as tender as I like it and there was too much liquid at the end to really reduce to the glaze that is shown in the pictures. It is certainly possible I screwed up the recipe although I can’t see where that might have happened. I personally would not use this recipe again.

    1. Hi Cole! I am sorry you had this experience. I know that I made this recipe this past weekend and they turned out lovely. From the description you are giving me I am wondering if you could have possibly done a quick release instead of a fast natural release, this would certainly render ribs that are toucher

    2. Hi Cole,
      You may want to try it again. I too was not crazy about how mine came out (good, but not great) with the Instant Pot, but made them again in my tried and true Dutch oven and they were GREAT!

      1. Hey Carl! Thanks for the suggestion! I think some people may be expecting that the sauce will automatically reduce in the Instant Pot. Which it clearly cannot because the lid is closed 🙂 So glad it worked out for you in the Dutch Oven! Have a happy 4th!

    1. Hi Heather! I talk about it a bit in the post essentially : we let the Instant Pot go into the “Keep Warm” setting. After 15 minutes passes, carefully open the lid and remove the meat and get ready to enjoy! This way the meat doesn’t toughen from the sudden change in temperature.

      1. By we let the pot go into keep warm do you mean you do a natural release until goes to keep warm and then keep warm for 15 more minutes? Or you turn off and press keep warm for 15 minutes? Thanks

        1. I️t will automatically go into keep warm when the Cooking cycle is over. Then after 15 min you can release 🙂

          1. I had the same experience. The meat did not fall off the bone and wasnt as tender as I’d like. One mistake I made is I vented after the stews cycle and before keeping it warm for 15 mins. Wonder if that would have made all the difference?

          2. Yes!!!!! That would!!! I made that mistake in the beginning and it messed them up 🙁 still delicious just not falling apart tender

      2. My instant pot was still firmly sealed after 15mins on keep warm? Not sure if you have any suggestions on what I did wrong?

          1. If you move it to vent, isn’t that quick release? I’m planning on making these later this week and don’t want to mess it up. This is what I found on the Instant Pot site
            A natural pressure release is when the cooking time is over and you leave the valve closed and allow the pressure to decrease without doing anything.

            Following pressure cooking, electric pressure cookers automatically switch to the Keep Warm setting. As soon as it switches to the Keep Warm Setting the pressure begins to drop. The time it takes for the pressure to release will vary depending on the ingredients and amount of liquid in the pressure cooker.

            A natural pressure release can take from 5 to 30 minutes in the electric pressure cooker. When the pressure is fully released, the float valve will drop and the lid will unlock and open. There is no beep or signal when the pressure is released. Some times you can hear the float valve drop if you’re close by.

          2. Adrian, generally yes. However if there is too much liquid sometimes it takes longer than the 15 minutes stated.

  5. Bought a Instant Pot.Google to find recipes.This recipe came up on top and number one. We have decided to give it a try and to see what’s the whole hype about.Wow, I did not think how quick and easy it was to make.
    this our go to recipe and site from now, also liked on FB which Girl and Kitchen has FB live shows.

  6. Tasted fantastic. The only issue was it took, like, an hour to boil the liquid into a usable glaze. I may have done something imcorrectly.

    1. Hey Bill I am so glad that it works out!!! Yes I am going to make a note actually that the best way to reduce is in a pan to increase surface space.

      1. I used xanthan gum to thicken my sauce. It was done in 5 min! A little goes a long way though so use sparingly. I made half the recipe and put in about 1/4 t. The meat is tender but it’s all a bit salty. May have taken the “season really, really well with salt and pepper” a little too much to heart.

  7. OMG! This recipe was amazing! The only thing I did differently was two sprigs of thyme instead of rosemary. The glaze I didn’t do because I have one who really doesn’t like vinegar… so instead I took the remaining liquid turned the pot to sauté, brought to boil and made gravy with cornstarch. It was so so so good! I used Alamos Malbec red wine, which was $9.99 at the local store and it had an amazing rich flavor. I can not even express how much I loved this recipe. Thank you so much for posting. I’m new to your site and I’m anxious to explore and find more recipes.

    My house still smells heavenly too!

    1. Emily! What an awesome AWESOME comment 🙂 Next time do try the balsamic, the vinegar will burn out and you will have a really delicious flavor left behind! I am so glad you are here! Let me know if you have any questions!

  8. First time with short ribs, first time using the instant pot to make something other than Indian food and dog’s Weekly chicken soup- turned out fantastic and am going to make it again!
    Thank you!

  9. I’m going to try this today! Can I leave it in the warming function for longer if I dont want to serve immediately?

  10. What should I adjust if I wanted to make about 2-3 pounds of ribs instead? Cut liquids in half, or leave them as-is? What about cooking time, I’m guessing it should remain about the same?

    1. I would def cut down on the liquids. Essentially you are going to want them covered but not much over. The time should definitely remain the same 🙂

    1. Hey Shawn! You want the liquid to come up 3/4 of the way on the meat. Essentially so that I️t is only submerged 3/4 of the way! Hope that helps!!

      1. I have someone who can’t cook with alcohol either. We used 1/2 cup of beef stock and 1-1/2 cups of Dr. Pepper soda. I have used Cheerwine soda in this recipe as well. Since the soda has a lot of sugar, we did not add the balsamic. It was still very tasty!

          1. I also have someone I cook for who can’t have alcohol – we used grape juice + lemon juice (1TBS lemon to each cup of grape). Came out delish!

  11. Delicious 🙂 since I only had 3lbs of short ribs, I measured the wine out 1 cup at a time to see how much it would take to cover the ribs about 2/3rds of the way. For me it took just under 2 cups. Then I adjusted the broth and balsamic accordingly for the sauce. This worked very well. After cooking the ribs, I also strained the liquid using a fat separater and used a larger pan to reduce as suggested. It took about 12 minutes. It was amazing. I actually wish I had more of it for the leftovers! I used Apothic Red wine at a whopping $7.99/bottle and again… amazing. What a treat – thanks for this keeper!

    1. Well judging by your comments I can see you are a wonderful cook. Good for you for making all these subsitutions on a whim!!! The best thing about this recipe is that you can do it with any cut of beef as well!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holidays!

  12. Yom Kippur? Seems more appropriate for Rosh Hashanah? We do a “break fast” of blintzes and smoked fish. However, this recipe is so delicious. Just finishing now. Mmmmm. I use aged balsamic and a bit of port to add a little sweetnesss.

  13. Brand new Instant Pot and first time making short ribs. The flavors were wonderful, but after adding the vinegar, it never turned into a glaze. I did read above that it took someone about an hour, and I gave up after about 1/2 hour since it was getting late and we were hungry. Some better directions for that step would help.

  14. This was really good! I couldn’t get the sauce to quite the glaze consistency, but for a new Instant Pot user – this was easy and delicious! Thank you!

  15. I can’t wait to try this recipe, but I’m pretty sure the calorie count is for the entire recipe, minus potatoes or whatever side dish!

  16. Worst meal ever. Spent nearly 3 hours making this and it was horrible. had the butcher pick out the short ribs and they were tough and fatty. Couldn’t even eat it. Nothing worse than spending that amount of time on meal for 5 only to have to find something else to eat on Sunday night.

    1. Trisha, I am so sorry this happened to you. I have made this recipe many times both with and without the bone and have never had a tough meat. Perhaps the pieces were larger and it required a bit more cooking time? Also, did you do a natural release? If you accidentally did a quick release this would result in a very tough meat with any cut of meat due to the sudden change in pressure. Short ribs do tend to be fatty, however there should have still been plenty of meat on there for you to separate away from the fat. Either way I do hope you try it again 🙂

      1. They were larger bone in pieces and I had over 4 lbs. Sauteing 7-8min/5min was time consuming and I did the natural release for 15 minutes and then the quick release. Might try boneless next time. Thanks for your response

  17. just came upon your site and subbed! gonna make these short ribs tomorrow, thank you and keep up with your yummy recipes!

  18. I made this last week with my InstantPot, the only 2 things I would change are to go longer on the cook time to get tender meat, 35-min was not long enough (I had 4 lbs bone-in from Whole Foods, in 6-quart pot). It also took much longer to reduce to a glaze I thought was the right consistency. That step took an extra 30-min to reduce.

    To confirm my thinking (since we had leftovers) a few nights later, I decided to try an experiment. I put the meat and liquid glaze back in my InstantPot for another 35-min. This time, they literally fell apart. They were not over-cooked at all. I did add a few tablespoons of water. That was it!

    1. Hey Steve! Thanks for the comments! Because they were bone in they would take longer for sure! I let mine go longer than 35 and they were essentially a ragu 🙂
      I am however noting that the glaze takes a bit longer. Thanks again for the tips!

  19. I agree, there is a lot of liquid to try to reduce down to a glaze consistency. I ended up not using the entire amount called for, just enough to cover 3/4 way then thickening the remaining sauce with cornstarch.
    I partially cooked 1″ pieces of bacon (about 5 slices) then used the bacon fat to brown the ribs. (I used two pans to brown the ribs to reduce the amount of time.) I added the bacon into the pot along with the ribs/veggies for some smokiness. Also cooked the ribs for 40 minutes because they were large.
    Along with the balsamic vinegar, I added 2 T of red plum fruit spread for a little extra depth of flavor.
    Turned out good.

  20. Hi Mila –
    Glaze was outstanding – but meat (Big Bone ins from Wholefoods) was a bit rubbery. I admit I did the fast release in error. It was a trial run for NYE tomorrow – thinking of upping the time in the IP up to 42 mins?? And then keeping warm for 15 before opening it up! Thoughts? Thank you!!
    Mark in Boston

    1. Hey Mark!!! Yes definitely that quick release will do it every time ! Be careful with upping it too much because i would be concerned it would turn into a ragu!! Have a terrific New Years Mark!!!!

      1. I’m a bit confused here. The recipe says to add 15 minutes to the 35 minutes cook time for bone-in ribs. Mark’s ribs are bone in, yet there is concern that 42 minutes might be too long. Any insights would be appreciated 🙂 Thanks.

        1. Hi Zanna…we emailed after this comment 🙂 I misunderstood him 🙂 Indeed if it has bones you will want to add the 15 minutes!

  21. These were so good! This is the first recipe we’ve tried in our new instant pot. Rave reviews from us and our guests. Because we only had about 3 pounds of short ribs (purchased at Costco), we cut the wine to 2 cups and the beef broth to half a cup and still the juice came right to the top of the meat in the pot. Our short ribs were still partially frozen when we started the searing process, but I think they were thawed by the time we started stewing. We used the recommended 35 minute cooking time. So delicious and tender. After about 20 minutes of reducing the juice we thickened it with some cornstarch. We served with mashed potatoes, carrots and a salad. We even had left over short ribs and sauce – enough for the two of us for tomorrow night. Thanks for this great recipe!

    1. Heather ! Thank you so much for this fabulous comment! I’m so glad they worked out for you guys. Have a happy and healthy new year!!!

  22. These were incredibly good. And Mila is correct about the sauce being worth the extra time. Quick, easy and delicious! Our short ribs with bones in were about 1/4 pound each. We cooked them for 50 minutes (as per the directions) and let them “keep warm” for 17 (we were distracted). The meat fell off the bone and I’m so happy to have leftovers. Our guests asked for the recipe, too.

    1. I’m trying this recipe for the first time and it’s cooking right now. I’m seeing in the comments that folks are adding broth. I didn’t because that wasn’t in the instructions. Will my short ribs turn out ok without it? I’m only using 1.5 pounds of short ribs and 1 cup of tea wine. Help!!!

  23. I’m not sure what went wrong – I used 2 lbs of boneless ribs, half the liquid, same cooking time and they were terribly tough even tho I did the fast natural release just like you said. I just threw them back in the pot for another 5 min but the family is hungry so I hope that works lol!

    1. Hmmmmm fast natural release? Can you explain that? You let it sit on the keep warm setting for 15 min and then released correct?

      1. I had the same circumstances and problem! There were hints of tenderness, but overall pretty tough. I let sit for 15 minutes before releasing…assuming I should have let them cook longer?? The sauce is PERFECTION – I would never skip it – it absolutely makes the dish!

        1. Were they bone in? I have made this literally 30-40x between my clients and my house and it only came out tough when I forgot to natural release 🙂

  24. So very good! The only thing I changed was reducing the balsamic to 1T and I had no shallots. One of the best things I have eaten thus season!

  25. I have a pressure cooker but unfortunately no instant pot. Could you please tell me how long I should cook the ribs in a regular pressure cooker? Thank you, the look lovely, can’t wait to try.

    1. Hi Janet! I am not quite sure as I have actually never used a classic pressure cooker, however I would assume if you bring it to high pressure, then you can cook it for the same amount of time and get the same result. Wish I could be more help.

      1. I believe electric pressure cookers are a little bit weaker, so stovetop models will cook in less time, but I could be wrong. I went from a stove-top model to the Instant Pot and the recipes I’d worked out before needed a little time added to them. Like around 25%.

  26. Excellent! I love cooking beef with red wine. Served mine over creamy polenta and strained the sauce because I was feeling refined rather than rustic, which is strange because I cooked and ate in my lounge pants. 🙂

  27. I missed the part about home in needing 15 more mins. My mistake reading this on my phone. Look forward to trying this again. The glaze was delicious!

  28. Thank you so much for this delicious recipe! Made it exactly as written and it was wonderful on this frigid Sunday afternoon. It transported my husband to his mother´s table in rural Spain…… And you are right: the glaze was so worth the extra time (kept it in the Instant Pot as I got lazy thinking another pan to wash ;). GRACIAS!!!!!

    1. Oh Eli! What a kind and wonderfully delicious comment!!! I am so glad I could serve as a sort of time machine for your husband 🙂

  29. This was my first time cooking beef ribs. My family has declared it a GREAT SUCCESS! I’ll be making this one again and again! Thanks!

  30. I have to make short ribs for 14 people in a few weeks. I’m going to purchase this gadget for a test run. I, too, have perfected short ribs and made them many times. I hope this works! What size pot do you use?

  31. WOW AMAZING! The only other thing I have cooked in my instant pot was a pot of beans. This recipe is over the top good! My husband says why would we ever go out to dinner with meals like this THANK YOU!

    1. Omg what an incredible comment!!!! I have a few other Instant Pot recipes on here that are just as impressive 🙂

  32. I just had a quick taste and it’s outstanding!! This is also my first time using my Instantpot! I read many comments and notes before I made it, noticing the longer cook time with bone-in short ribs. I made the glaze on the stovetop, which turned out delicious as well!
    Thank you for this recipe!! I’m also tagging you on Instagram!!

    1. Angela thank you so much for your fabulous comments! And i appreciate the Instagram tag!!!!! Have a terrific weekend!

  33. Hi just a quick question. I wanted to try this recipe for dinner. I’m reading through the comments and i see a few different people talking about beef broth. Looking through the recipe i don’t see any mention of beef broth. I’m confused because there is more than one person who has commented about beef broth.

    Thanks for the help and can’t wait to try them!

    1. Hey brad!!!! That was an edit!!! I redid the recipe and took it out because I found it really didn’t need it 🙂

  34. I wasn’t in a time crunch so I did the quick release and they weren’t as tender as they could have been. (My fault) I used beef broth and added a little balsamic vinegar instead of the red wine. Also I puréed the reduction to get a more gravy like consistency. Overall the flavor was fantastic, I will make it again when I have more time. Thank you for sharing!

  35. I’m speechless. This was un-freaking-believable. 100% restaurant quality and I will be subscribing to your blog. Best thing I’ve ever made in the Instant Pot by far, and I’ve made a lot. Thank you for this amazing recipe. I used bone-in so used the 50 minute suggestion. When I opened the pot the bones were already off. Glad to hear this will work with other cuts of meat cuz I can’t afford to buy short ribs as often as my hubby will want this!!!

    1. Tara!!!! Thank you for this amazing comment!!!! I’m so glad you liked them!!!! I’m going to be coming out with a 4 ingredient pot roast that is nothing short of amazing 🙂 stay tuned!!

  36. Adding that note at the very end about ‘bone in’ ribs, was a little late! I’ve already taken the pressure off and removed the ribs and the fat from the juice before I saw it. You might consider moving that comment to a more pertinent spot in the cooking process

  37. Would make this again. We used bone-in ribs and selected meatier ones from the butcher. The meat was a bit tough but still good. Next time we will extend the cook time by 10 minutes or so. I found the glaze a bit sweet but everyone else thought it was balanced. Finally, the instructions are difficult to follow. Print them out and make sure you understand all the steps.

  38. Hi Mila!

    Quick question: when you make the glaze in the IP, can you let it boil for 30 minutes unsupervised or do you have to stir it the entire 30 minutes?

  39. Do you think I could replace the red wine with a pint can of Guinness and essentially turn this into Guinness braised short ribs?

  40. Thank you for pointing out that the recipe calls for “boneless”, although I plan on using bone-in. This is elegant and simple, yet delicious, and the ingredients seem on point. Thank you for this, and I plan on making tonight, with polenta.

  41. I made this recently in the Instant Pot and it turned out great. It was my first time to make short ribs. I only had two lbs. of ribs so I reduced the wine to 1 cup and added 1/2 cup of water. Everything else was the same, even the cooking time. I think the balsamic vinegar brought it all together. I will make this again. Thanks for the recipe.

  42. Many thanks from my wife and myself for this amazing recipe. I had 3lbs of bone in ribs and used 4 oz wine, 12 oz water and it came out great despite the shortage of wine. I also used a large pan on high heat to make the glaze. The meat was very tender and I wanted to eat asap when I saw how tender it was. I will be certainly be checking out your other pressure cooker recipes, thanks once again.

  43. This was my instant pot debut! I wanted more vegetables so I used 4 carrots and a huge onion. I had 2lbs of boneless meat and only one cup of wine, so I added a 28 oz can of diced tomatoes. It was delish! I let the pot sit about 30 minutes on keep warm before opening. Meat came out soft. I shredded it with a fork and put it back in the pot on the lowest sauté setting for a few minutes. Serving over papardelle!

  44. I have never made short ribs before, but since I purchased an instant pot, I have wanted to branch out a little. This recipe was delicious and “do-able” even on a work nite! It was “fall off the bone” good. I do think I ended up with too much juice simply because I was afraid I’d burn them if I didn’t add just a little more vino. Thanks so much!

  45. You all will probably think I’m crazy since they’re such a craze about this “new” appliance, but, I don’t like it. Too much work in most cases and things taste the same…..kind of like my crock pot. I’m a seasoned cook and I don’t see what all the fuss is about:/ This recipe took SOOO long and I could have just had these ribs cooking at a low & slow temp in my oven yesterday and saved myself another pot to scrub….

    1. Rebecca for me the instant pot is a massive time saver. I certainly don’t use it for everything but for the things I do use it for I love it. I was never a crockpot fan so this is much better for me !

  46. I did the bone in short ribs, and cooked for 55 minutes, then let sit on warm for 16 minutes before releasing the pressure and checking them. They seemed tender, but since I made them ahead of time and had to run out, I put the lid back on in sealed position and left it warming for almost two hours. I’m not sure if that made it more tender or not, but it was fall off the bone delicious! I used a large pan to reduce the sauce somewhat, but my husband likes LOTS of sauce so I didn’t go for a glaze and I added a bit of cornstarch to thicken. The plates were empty 🙂

  47. For step #12, do you put it in “warm” for 15 minutes, then let the steam out, or do both at the same time? Kind of confusing at that part.

  48. Sorry for asking such a elementary question… but should I be using flat leaf Italian parsley? Or curly parsley?

    Thanks so much!

  49. Followed recipe and mine came out great. 3 Big english cut ribs, prob 5 inches long and a good 2 inches thick
    Bone-In, 50 minutes, and probaby would use 45 next time, they fell off the bone and were quite tender. Only difference I made using was 1 cup wine, and then enough broth to get to just under covering the ribs in pot. I have made these in a dutch oven with 2 cups wine and the wine was very overpowering throughout, so I cut back not knowing what to expect. Next time may try 2 cups – because with one cup it was not overpowering at all. I squirted in a little ketchup too and threw in a bay leaf – figured why not.
    Did not make the glaze because it appeared it would take to much time.

  50. I’m going to try this tonight. I e done just a couple things with my instant pot and never made short ribs! I just wanted to make sure of something, do the veggies stay in the instant pot while the meat cooks or so they come out? Thanks!

  51. This is a dumb question – but do I ever remove the carrots/shallots/onions or leave them in throughout cooking and while boiling down the glaze?

      1. Thanks – I thought so, it’s cooking now!

        I only used 2.5 pounds of ribs, so I halved the wine to one cup, that was probably a mistake after reading the comments, didn’t realize the goal was to nearly cover the ribs (I’m a novice). Making these for Valentine’s Day, I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  52. Would it be possible to cook the mashed potatoes pot in pot in the Instant Pot at the same time? Maybe on the trivet with it raised above the meat? If so, do you have directions for this? Thanks!

    1. I personally wouldn’t. I am not a fan of mashed potatoes in the Instant Pot. Even if you attempted to bake the potatoes in there it would still not work because they only need about 12 min cook time in there.

  53. Made these for Sunday supper & they were amazing. After being disappointed in undercooking some St. Louis ribs, I set the pot for 60 min. & they fell off the bone. For those commenting on the price of short ribs, look for markdowns . Mon & Tues are best. I got 2 1/2 lbs of short ribs for $10.78

  54. Sounds great, but one clarification on the searing please. In thebullets, you say to sear for 7 minutes per side. But elsewhere you say to leave alone during the searing process. So it is one of: only 7 minutes on only one side, and you are done searing?; sear on two sides for each of 7 minutes; or sear on each of the six sides for 7 minutes each?

    I know I’m overthinking this but I want to get it right. Thank you!

    1. Just dear until it’s gorgeous and brown 🙂 let your eyes do the thinking here . When i say leave to sear i mean don’t touch it just let it do its thing .)

  55. Hello, This recipe looks absolutely delicious! I don’t own an instant pot but I do use a standard stove top pressure cooker, would a 15lb weight work well for this recipe with similar timing and using a natural release method?

    1. Hi Paul. I unfortunately do not know the timing on traditional pressure cookers. However I do link to the classic oven method short rib recipe in this post

  56. Delicious! I had bone in so did the extra 15 min & did a natural release. The bones were all in the bottom of the pot! The sauce was amazing over Parmesan polenta. For those complaining their ribs were not done, you can always put them back under pressure foe 15-20 min. I did that with some St. Louis ribs & they came out perfect.

  57. I made these using our new Cosori pressure cooker and they were amazing! The only change I made was that I smoked them for an hour on my Traeger before pressure cooking them. I’ve never been a fan of short ribs because most times I’ve had them they are very tough. If those restaurants had your recipe, I might now have eaten more! My chef cleaver wasn’t sharp enough to chop through the bones, so I left them whole. In the future, I might just cut the bone off and slice them, but our kids love to gnaw bones, so I’d be in trouble.

  58. On my butcher’s suggestion, I used chuck eye, sliced into steaks. The short ribs were too expensive for a “test run recipe” for me! It turned to be a delicious success!! But, I do have a question. After watching your video of this recipe, what cut of beef did you use? Looks great but it doesn’t look like a short rib to me? Looks like New York steaks? Or kalbi?

      1. They looked like flanken ribs, so I’m glad someone else asked, since today was the first time I’d watched the video even though I’ve been making bone-in short ribs (your recipe) for a year or so. They always turn out fall off the bone perfectly and we can never wait long enough to make the sauce. I often save the juices, to flavor soups, etc, so may thaw a container of it and start the sauce while the ribs are on warm.

  59. Absolutely Phenomenal! Short ribs are one of my classics that I have perfected over the years. I never liked how they turned out in my crockpot but today I took a chance and made them in my instapot. I also purchased boneless short ribs from Costco (they have great meats). Following the recipe as closely as possible, I didn’t have fresh herbs on hand but dried worked just fine. I almost cried when I poured the 2 cups of good Cab I was drinking into the pot, but it was well worth it.
    RESTAURANT QUALITY FLAVORS. I am the girl who always orders short ribs at restaurants to try and figure out how to make them better. My husband licked his plate.

    Thank you, thank you for sharing your recipe! I pinned this on my recipe Pinterest board AND want to add that the glaze turned out delicious while I roasted my potatoes. I just let it GO!

  60. What are you serving the ribs on top of in your pictures? I’m going to make these for dinner tonight and am always interested in different serving suggestions.

      1. Oh my goodness! I was just reading the post again and saw that you had already mentioned the mashed potatoes. Thank you for answering my question anyway.

  61. Made this for my FIRST ever Instant Pot meal … and it was a super success!
    I made bone in, so I should have cooked for 50 minutes (35+15). But my friend said that most recipes over cook meat, so I did 40 minutes. It was delicious, but 45 minutes would probably have been perfect. I skipped the rosemary and used thyme and a bay leaf instead (personal preference). Also, to the wine I added a teaspoon of the following: tomato paste, Better than Bullion beef, vegetable and mushroom base … made for an even richer tasting glaze. This was delicious, and would normally take 3-4 hours to make. Top notch!

  62. I used 4-1/2 lbs boneless short ribs, followed recipe, but not enough gravy for all the meat with extra to top mashed potatoes. Thinking to double wine next time.

  63. I’ve tried making short ribs three times now, and while the meat gets tender, it is so fatty, it’s just inedible. Even when I cut every visible bit of fat away before serving, someone complains about getting a mouth full of lard. It’s atrocious. And it cannot possibly be healthy.

  64. These were AMAZING!! I’ve always slow braised my short ribs in the oven and had bought some beautiful big bone-in grass-fed ones from Wholefoods….but I just received an Instant Pot and was anxious to try it out. I found your recipe and it was similiar to mine so I read all the tips and followed the directions exactly – added an extra 15 minutes for the bone, keep warm for 15 minutes, and then release. Of note, my short ribs were huge, and while I don’t have the tools to cut the the bone, I did slice them to the bone so they resembled the classic English style of 2″ x 3″. They were fall of the bone tender and so so tasty. Thank you for helping to make my first Instant Pot meal a great one!

    1. Sandra! What an awesome comment!!!! So glad they worked out!!! I have had the instant pot for a year now and am seriously loving it!

  65. I followed this recipe exactly as you mentioned. I cooked this for my wife for our 16 year anniversary and let me tell you, she loved it and is waiting for me to do them again. Thank you.

  66. How do you cut up the short ribs? I’ve been trying boneless short rib Instant Pot recipes from around the web, and plan on trying this one next. I like that you specifically refer to Costco ribs, which is where I plan to get mine, since they’re slightly less expensive (but still expensive!). I actually have two questions:

    1- how do you cut up those Costco ribs? 2-3″ per piece?
    2- what size Instant Pot are you using for 5 lbs of those ribs? If I had to brown all of those in the typical 6 qt Instant Pot, it would take way more than 2 batches.

    1. Hi Matt! I am sorry this went to trash!!!! 1. I cut them up into 2 pieces each. I had the largest Instant Pot. I do 5 pounds in about 2 batches sometimes 3. Hope this wasn’t too late!

  67. Unable to afford short ribs I substituted a beef chuck steak, removed all visible fat and cut into serving sized pieces, used dried rosemary and parsley instead of fresh and then followed directions. Had time so 15 min. after cooking finished turned off and let pressure naturally release. It was exceptional, picture perfect! Served over creamy parmesan grits with a side salad. A definite “do over”!!!

  68. Made this twice so far. I found the first time the thinner ribs were fork tender but the thicker cuts were a bit tough. I had left the pot for 20 mins on warm before releasing, but there was still a good amount of pressure to release. The second time I did a full natural release, and used a bit less wine and all the meat was cooked perfectly.

    Both times I reduced the sauce in a separate pan and it took maybe 10 mins. I am on the keto diet so after reducing I stirred in a bit of brown butter to the glaze. It was delicious both times, and was paired with some cheesy mashed cauliflower. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

    Also, I do a lot of meal prep during the week so the second time around I broke up the meat with some tongs and mixed the glaze in so I could portion it out for the week.

  69. This was my first beef recipe in the instant pot. I didn’t follow it exactly (I used bone-in ribs, for starters) but I mostly followed it, and paid attention to the themes described in the intro. It worked great, and helped me understand instant pot cooking.

    1. That’s fabulous! The Instant Pot has its quirks 🙂 but once you figure them out it’s a great tool!!!

  70. I have never cooked short ribs before, but the recipe sounded delicious. I’m happy to report that it was perfect. I used 2.5 pounds, bone in ribs. They were about 4 x 3 x 3 inch pieces. I followed your instructions, reducing the ingredients by half for the reduced amount of meat. Then stewed it for 50 mins, followed by natural release for 15 min. When I used tongs to remove the meat, the bones were in the bottom of the pot…true fall off the bone.
    Suggestion: Perhaps step 12 needs to be split. Step 13 would say, After after 15 minutes have elapsed, carefully….” There would be a total of14 steps.

    This is a dish I would proudly serve to family and friends. Ono food! Mahalo for sharing.

  71. Hi! Making these tonight and for newbies like me it would be helpful to say add oil before seating in the instructions. I realize it’s in the video and most people already know to do that but just my two cents!

  72. I have tried this one twice now. What a great recipe! Family loves it.
    I have a question about handling the cooked veggies. The first time, I strained them out when separating the fat, and served a little spludge of them on each plate. That was tasty. The second time, I put them in the sauce while reducing it, and used an immersion blender to blend them in. Also tasty. What is the intent of the recipe? I read through the comments, and it didn’t seem totally definitive, but is the idea to just put them in the sauce/glaze while reducing it, but not blend them?
    Thanks, and thank you for a great recipe!

    1. Hey don!!!!
      You can actually really do it either way!
      I think blending them is Awesome because it really thickens the sauce beautifully

      1. Thanks for the reply, Mila. We had this again a couple of nights ago, and this time I just put them back into the sauce, unblended, after reducing it. I think that’s my favorite in terms of texture and aesthetic appeal. Maybe it would depend somewhat on the choice of sides. I’ve had it with mashed potatoes and steamed carrots each time so far, but thinking I may try pasta or maybe spaetzle. Any vegetable recommendations to go well with either of those? Thanks again.

  73. I’ve had an instant pot for almost a year and had been afraid to use it! I saw this recipe and knew I had to try it.. I did an initial experiment with chicken earlier in the week before attempting this. I followed the instructions exactly, and it was AMAZING. Seriously.. make these short ribs. They are incredible!!!!!!

    1. Addendum: I cut the recipe in half since I was only cooking for 2 and it still worked great 🙂

    2. Christina!!! Thank you for this brilliant comment!!!! I appreciate it! And I’m so glad you liked it!

  74. Delicious… I didn’t use wine – I used beef bone broth. I had 2lbs of boneless short ribs from Costco. My carrots were “pre-pkg” match sticks and i chopped those. I hate rosemary – left that out – added a bit of leek. I went with the pre-programmed “stew” setting of 25 minutes. When I took out the ribs, which were perfect!!!, I blended the veggie broth in my Vitamix and returned to “saute” and it boiled into a gravy. Fan-freaking-tastic.

  75. Hi Mila,
    I made this recipe this evening and it was a meal fit for a king! At the end of 50 minutes the large bone in ribs were not quite tender but I didn’t panic. 20 more minutes of cooking did the trick. I reduced the sauce in a pan as suggested and perfect! Best of all it gave me an opportunity to teach my 17 year old son some new cooking techniques. Thank you so much!
    Mark Davis in Alabama

  76. These were so, so yummy! I used bone in beef short ribs and cooked in IP for 50 min after prepping as recipe states, very tender and my husband was one happy man! Thank you for the idea and the easy to follow instructions!

  77. I have never made short ribs before but recently got an instant pot and gave your recipe a whirl tonight! They came out absolutely perfect and fell apart. My fiancee who is a bit picky loved them, I would definitely make them again! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the awesome comments Shannon! So glad the fiancée was a fan! I have a ton more instant pot recipes if you would like on here! The way to a mans heart is the stomach after all 🙂

  78. I made this in a slightly different way, and it came out perfect. I know some people were asking for a recipe for a 1/2 portion of the meat. I used about 2 1/2 pounds of short ribs. I browned them first in my STAUB (cast iron), and then browned everything else in the same pot after browning the meat (8-10 min). I added a few tablespoons of tomato paste to the mixture, then deglazed with the red wine. I had thyme available, so I used that instead of rosemary. I also added 2 cups of chicken stock. I then transferred the mixture to my Instant Pot. I put the short ribs meat down, bone up. I put the meat on the slow cooker option for about 90-120 min. When I was ready for dinner, I followed the directions here, and put the pot on the stew option for 50 min. I let the pot naturally release, about 20 min. I then reduced the sauce back in the original pot, adding the balsamic, and some cornstarch for thickening.

  79. I love short ribs and have tried numerous recipes and methods from sous vide, braising, slow roasting and BBQ, but this recipe in the instant pot is bar none the best of all of them. I love rosemary, so I add more, but otherwise make the recipe as written. Made this again last night for the umpteenth time.

  80. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe! I have made bone-in short ribs many times with much more complicated recipes in a dutch oven. I had to laughed because these were the best I have ever eaten (by far) , and they were so darn easy!!!!

    This recipe absolutely knocked my socks off and I can’t wait to try another one of your instant pot recipes!!

  81. Nervous trying this, because of comments about the glaze and I’m only a week in on my instant pot. Despite hesitation, it came out great!!! I seared the short rips in a cast iron then added meat and other ingredients in the instant pot, 35 min on manual, put a rack and some whole potatoes in there too. 15 minute natural release, took out potatoes and meat, removed 1/2 cup of liquid and reduced the rest on sauté. Took about 10 minutes to reduce by half, added the slurry and the glaze was perfect! Thank you for sharing! will make again!

  82. Tried this recipe in my new instant pot for my bro’s bday celebration and oh my GOODNESS! was it ever good. Everyone raved about the beef tenderness and how flavourful it was. Once the 45 mins were up (I used bone in) I just took them out of the pot (they were fall of the bone tender!) and reduced the sauce in no time in the instant pot and thickened with some cornstarch. I couldn’t believe how amazing this recipe came out. Thank you!!

  83. Made tonight and my husband said it was as good as any he has had in a restaurant! Followed your recipe as written. Were with the bone so I did the extra 15 minutes and they were so tender, delicious! Definitely a keeper! Thanks!

  84. Delicious! This was my first meat dish in my new Instapot and it was VERY good! I did add about a tablespoon of beef demiglaze to the wine and I think that probably (as always) added some richness and dimension to the sauce. I only had to reduce the liquid for about 10-15 minutes because it was rich enough and I thickened it as directed with cornstarch. Wonderful!
    Other notes:
    I used cracked dried rosemary which worked out fine.
    I strained the solids from the liquid before reducing it. That is just a personal preference as all flavor has been leached from them at this point anyway.

  85. Mila, Wonderful recipe. We “baked the potatoes in a metal mixing bowl and mashed at the end as instructed. Fabulous. The best thing for beginners like me, is your explanation on how the steps are explained and the importance of each. I hate to sweat but loved sweating my vegetables! I am going to follow you like a lost puppy.

    1. Laura!!!! OMG what an amazing comment!!!! Thank you!!! You don’t have to follow me like a lost puppy lol! I am here to help!

  86. Just finished eating some incredibly yummy short ribs. Had to use bone-in because boneless were not available. I decided to set for 50 min at high pressure rather than “meat” setting. Fell of the bone for sure. Made these one day ahead of eating. Put the sauce from the pot into a measuring cup in the fridge so the next day it was easy to take the 1/2″ of fat off! The second night I Put the sauce in a saucepan and added the balsamic. Even after a good 1/2 hour of boiling it was not thick so I had to add a cornstarch slurry. I am really trying to avoid using cornstarch because it feels less authentic to me but oh well, this was not thick enough without. BIG question. Was I supposed to take the membrane off these ribs prior to cooking? There was a yucky rubbery like membrane (fat maybe?) that I didn’t like and had to pick off after cooking. Thanks for any help/ideas.

    1. Hi Lisa… in terms of authentic or not… I would not worry about it much. Trust me we use a ton of short cuts in the culinary world, so do not feel bad about using a slurry! In terms of the membrane…the butcher should have handled it. But it shouldn’t be…maybe it was some of the thicker fat? Either way..if you do not like it just pretend it wasn’t there and toss it out 🙂

  87. Absolutely insane! I used high quality bone in short ribs that I purchased at a butcher. The meat fell of the bone! And the glaze was flavorful. I did not have any issues with it thickening up, and it was quick. I made garlic noodles and this entire dish was to die for. Thank you!

  88. What a great recipe! I used Olivier brand Balsamic, a sweet vinegar to balance the Merlot wine and loved it. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

  89. So my fiancée is like a big toddler and likes to throw stuff in the shopping cart until I find them at the cash register. He has no idea how to make them and guess who has to figure it out, me. LOL. Through my searching I came across this site and I am sure glad I did! These ribs were soooooo good. As others have mentioned, the extra time for the awesomesauce is well worth the time. My fiancée is part caveman because he is all about meat on the bone so we got bone-in ribs. Both of us agreed that there is not enough meat if you get the bone-in so next time we will get boneless. The additional cook time for bone-in ribs is spot on, they were so tender and I made sure I did the natural pressure release of 15 min. Thanks Mila for a great tasting and in my opinion, a perfected recipe that if you follow, you cannot make a bad meal from. I cannot wait to try something else on your site. 🙂

    1. So my husband does exactly the same thing lol! He would just throw everything in and then when I come home he pretends like he forgot he did it!!!
      I am so glad this worked out for you!!! Yes I agree…definitely boneless gives you more bang for your buck 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving! !

  90. I followed this recipe and it was just like my mothers fudge. We lost the recipe and now I found it again. This is exactly like MOMS! My family loves it .Thanks for your recipe

  91. My husband is a great cook and normally has suggestions of what could have made the dishes that I make more flavorful. I made both (bone in and boneless) for our “Friends Giving” and this was the first time I used the Instant pot. I followed the directions for timing adjustments and they were SO tender and the others fell off the bone. The Glaze took a bit to reduce but once it did….. Unreal flavor! I asked my husband to try before I wrapped it to go to our dinner and he said… don’t change anything, they are perfect!!!! Yay!!!! Thanks for the recipe!

  92. My family went nuts about these ribs, commenting a serving like this is easily a $30 dollar dish in restaurants! Just follow the instructions to the T and it’ll come out just fine!

  93. I just made this recipe. As we are new to cooking with an Instapot, I’ve been looking for good recipes. I am a very experienced cook and my mentors and teachers are two James Beard’s award-winning chefs. I was starting to feel like maybe the Instapot was just some glorified crockpot until I made these short ribs! Oh my god, lady, these are amazing! I followed your directions exactly as you wrote them, with one tiny exception on time, because we only had three and a half pounds of short ribs. They were bone-in and I pressured cooked for 45 minutes, then at the end, I put in on “keep warm” for ten minutes instead of fifteen. My husband is over there raiding the leftovers as I type this. Thank you so much! I’ll keep an eye out for more of your Instapot recipes. Oh, and I served it over Parmesan mashed potatoes. So good.

    1. Amanda! What an incredible comment!!! Thank you!!!!! I am so glad that you loved them!!! Your comments are truly making my night!

  94. Couldn’t get short ribs, so got beef chuck stew meat. This will definitely be a go to recipe in the future. It is delicious!!!

  95. Hi Mila,
    I made this dish just yesterday and the family really liked it. I am a vegetarian myself so had no idea if it would be good, but my 3 kids and husband liked it alot! we did exactly like the recipe in my 6qt IP and with bone in. After 15 min of warm, turned the vent on to release the rest of steam and then took all of the meat out and cooked down for 30 min. It smelled great.
    We didn’t use any salt as there is issues with Hypertension and this was ok!

  96. I’d love to try this. My Mom made short ribs when I was a kid. I know nothing about wine. Can you be more specific about “A good red wine?” Merlot? Cabernet sauvignon?


  97. I will be making this for a second time, it was excellent. On question, where is the print button for your recipes? Thank you

  98. Love the flavor. I had 1 1/2 lbs. boneless short ribs. So, I halved the entire recipe. We would make the whole recipe to make more sauce. I had penné noodles. Mashed potatoes or polenta would have been better. I have a Fagor Multi-cooker. There is no “stew” setting. Sauté seemed too hot. Summer peeped continually for a lid. We’ll make it again. Thanks Mila!

  99. Just bought a cute cherry red 6 quart instantpot and made these ribs for dinner tonight. Easy & delicious. Will make these again.

  100. I made it as the very first recipe in our new IP for Christmas dinner. Astounding results (verified by my wife and my taste buds)! Thank you, Mila. I added a couple mods — added some assorted mushrooms into the sauce as well as some basil and bay leaves as additional aromatics. The sauce didn’t start to thicken enough even after 15-20 minutes, so I ended up adding some cornstarch. Aside from that this recipe was perfect and exactly as described. If a complete IP newbie can do wonders like this on their first go, I’m truly encouraged to keep making delicious meals using your website and the IP. Thank you! 🙂

  101. I have made these twice in my instant pot & they were AMAZING! I just got some bone in short ribs & they are pretty big so wanted to make this in my larger Dutch oven….how would I adjust the cooking time & at what temperature in the oven for that?

  102. thank you for this recipe. excellent instructions and it came out perfect! you’re right the glaze is the star of the show. this was my first time using the instant pot and i wanted to do everything in it. i didn’t mind making the glaze in 30 minutes with the instant pot.

  103. This was the first recipe I made in my instant pot and found it to be absolutely delightful! The step by step instructions were super helpful in navigating the various stages and functions of my new tool and the short ribs were so tender and flavorful! I only wish I had my immersion blender to give the “deglazed” sauce an extra fine texture.
    Can’t wait to try more of your recipes!

  104. I’m a little confused about the fast natural release. Do I let the IP go into “keep warm” for 15 minutes and then turn the release valve or as soon as it switches to “keep warm” turn the valve? Hoping to make this tonight but worried this bit of confusion on my part will lead to tough meat!

    1. Hi!!!! So if you read through the post… there is a technique section… it states exactly what I mean in regards to the release. Here is what it says :

      Fast Natural Release. When cooking large pieces of meat, if you do a fast release then the meat will toughen up from the sudden and fast change of pressure. Instead we do a fast natural release. Meaning, we let the Instant Pot go into the “Keep Warm” setting. After 15 minutes passes, carefully open the lid and remove the meat and get ready to enjoy!”
      Hope this helps

  105. AMAZING! I loved them. My daughter had never had them n loves them my son n husband aren’t fond of stew beef and likened the texture to that so they didn’t love. They did like the flavor, though. Definitely making again.

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  109. Great recipe for someone who has never ate or made short ribs before. My only ‘lesson learned’ is starting earlier. I had 8 short ribs and could only brown 3 ribs at a time….
    Before serving I put some of the sauce over ribs. I also had mashed potatoes and a Greek tomato & cucumber salad.

  110. Hello Mila,

    Your recipe looks delish! I am cooking these for my buddies PI Day birthday tonight. My question is I am doubling the amount of ribs, 10-12 bone in ribs from whole foods. I use a 12qt Gowise pressure cooker. Can I simply double your recipe and cook in my 12qt. Or would I be better off using 2 Pressure cookers. I can get another, a 6qt I believe but it will be a hassle to get. Anyhow, your thoughts are much appreciated!

    1. John, my apologies as I am just seeing this now!!! I hope it turned out well! Please let me know how it worked out for you!!!

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    1. Hi Becki!!! Hmmmm that’s odd. I just made this recipe this weekend at client’s house and they turned out perfect. Sadly sometimes it is the meat 🙁

  113. I have made this twice and it’s delicious. It does take some time to reduce the sauce at the end and it’s easier in a large sauté pan. I put the meat on a plate while reducing the sauce then recombine in at the end to heat it through. I’ve served it over mashed potatoes and it’s honestly restaurant quality.

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  117. Hubby and guest loved it. It’s a do-over. If you are not in a hurry, just do a natural release, the longer it cooks, the better. It’s a weekend meal since I get home too late for a week night dinner. I bought my bone-in ribs from 2 different places. Neighborhood grocery store and Whole Foods, Whole Foods by far was the best cut of meat and tasted 100% better so the cut of meat is key in my book.

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    Your instructions were clear, easy to follow and included great tips. Thanks for the great recipe.

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      1. I made these yesterday. the ribs were tender and very tasty. However, the ribs were dry. What did I do wrong? Or is this the just way they are?

        1. No they should be super tender and juicy. I am assuming this is the result of the meat sadly. If there is not enough marbling or fat on the meat it would end up dry.

  125. Thank you so much for this recipe! I’m going to try it out later this week, and I’m just wondering – how thick are the short ribs you use for this recipe? And do you know the style of cut? I have a big slab of short ribs in the freezer so I’ll need to cut them down myself. Thank you 🙂

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    1. Most of the time I buy them at Costco. Otherwise the thickness depends but I find I also get them at Whole Foods they are sized pretty well.

  128. Hi! I’m excited to make this. Quick Question On step 12 (Once the timer beeps, allow the Instant pot to go into the “Keep Warm” function for 15 minutes. Carefully, switch the venting tab to the “Venting” position and only once all the steam has been released go ahead and carefully remove the lid of the pot.) Do I do “venting after the 15 minutes keep warm or as it starts to keep warm?

    1. Hi there! You turn to venting after 15 minutes are up. That is what is called natural release 🙂

  129. Just made this for the first time for my fiancé who loves fancier food than I. It was a hit! I use half the amount of ribs, but the same sauce and vegetables. At the end of cooking and cooling, I removed the meat and used my immersion blender to use the vegetables to thicken, and only needed a bit of cornstarch slurry. What a hit! The balsamic vinegar puts it over the top. Thank you!

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  136. Made this last night for NYE and turned out great. I didn’t have any shallots so didn’t use that and substituted dried thyme for the rosemary but otherwise kept recipe the same. My son-in-law loved it and so did I. Really nice flavor and the gravy was great over mashed potatoes! Will add to my dinner rotation.

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    1. OMG YOU CAN TOTALLY MAKE THEM AHEAD OF TIME! Then just reheat them covered on the stove or in the oven! In fact they are super freezer friendly!

      1. I actually browned the meat and cooked the sauce last night and then finished today. I received huge compliments, thank you for the great recipe! I’d never cooked anything like this before, your steps were easy for me to follow even though I didn’t know what I was doing.

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