My Foodamentals

Good Food. Done Right.

Mila Furman - Girl and the Kitchen

I am a self proclaimed food nerd.  When I hear about a new food trend or new “superfood,” I research it until I am blue in the face! Quinoa?  Yup.  Kale?  Done.  Vegan? Keto?  Check.

For some of us, researching and experimenting becomes too difficult or too restrictive—or worse, it takes the joy of eating and cooking away.

We should never have to feel bad about what we eat or how we eat it.  When I tell people that I am all about “Good Food, Done Right,” it is more than a catchphrase; it is a philosophy.

I wanted to capture it in a way that anyone can take charge of their eating and not look over their shoulders to think about “what will people think if I eat this?”

So here is my unofficial proclamation of culinary independence—my Bill of Rights that anyone can uphold when it comes to food, cooking, and mealtimes.  You may just find you enjoy the process of making meals that much more!

Section I …We the Foodies…

  • Strive to eat whole food first.  Choose whole foods over anything processed.  Choose fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry dairy and grain in the closest form to its true form as possible.

These low carb buffalo chicken meatballs - Girl and the Kitchen

Balsamic Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Bowl  - Girl and the Kitchen

  • Embrace simple foods. Overly complicated and finicky foods are not joyful.  Enjoy beautiful clean flavors with fresh natural simplicity.  Foods that are accented by spices and herbs, not covered up by heavy unnecessary fillers.
  • Fat is Good.  Eat the fat!  If it comes from dairy, meats or vegetables.  Butter, avocado, egg yolks, crispy chicken skin. It makes our skin glow, our hair shine and makes our food delicious and our bellies feel full.

Instapot short ribs - Girl and the Kitchen

Section II—…in Order to Form a More Perfect Meal…

Super comforting soup is loaded with plump Italian meatballs and hearty vegetables - Girl and the Kitchen

Cook with joy. Cooking should be enjoyed and not feared—it is why I create recipes that anyone can create, that are wholesome and delicious—and you will enjoy making them.

Celebrate.  Whether a vacation, a wedding or just a dinner out, find time to celebrate with your loved ones—and yourself.  Have your glass or wine, piece of cake, plate of pasta or French fries.  Enjoy your food, savor it and move on.  No need to dwell on an extra carb or sugar.


Classic Swedish Pancakes - Girl and the Kitchen

It’s OK to skip breakfast.  Skipping breakfast will NOT shut down your metabolism or cause you to overeat.  It will however, encourage you to enjoy food more freely and not gorge.

Eat two to three satisfying meals a day.  Choose to eat a few whole meals rather than several micro meals that leave you even hungrier.  This keeps your hormones better regulated and will not kill your basal metabolic rate.

Delicious beer battered crispy fish tacos - Girl and the Kitchen

Section III…Establish Rights on How and Why We Eat.

Classic Russian Salad - Girl and the Kitchen

Balance your food intake.  Gorging all the time is not good.  Fasting all the time is not good. Food is nourishment, fuel, medication and enjoyment.  Finding that balance with food and life is one of the biggest reasons Americans differ from Europe.  Enjoy, savor and love your food.

A lot is to be said about laughter and love during a meal.  Besides, we cannot overeat when we are too busy eating or laughing!

Listen to your body.  Your body speaks to you in a language—pain—it wants you to understand. When it does not respond well to something, it knows—and it shows.  When the alarm bells go off, start by removing the biggest culprits (Sugar, Grains and Dairy). Think about removing “carbage” from your diet.   Get them out and feature them as a treat in your life rather than part of a complete meal.

Instant pot chicken soup - Girl and the Kitchen