25 Days of Holiday Treats

25 Days of Holiday Treats

I LOVE the holidays.  I get just about as excited about Christmas as a 5 year old pajama clad kid who still believes in Santa… There’ s just one very big difference…

I’m a Jew…

And technically we do not celebrate Christmas.  We have 8 days of Hanukkah…Which is also great…But I love Christmas.  LIKE LOVE.

You see I lived in an Atheist country up until the age of 7.  And there, we did not celebrate Christmas nor Hanukkah.  But New Year’s was celebrated with parties late into the night, Christmas trees and loads of gift.  New Year’s Day we usually wondered into the snowy forests and collected pine cones.

So Christmas to me…is very similar to how I remember New Year’s.  And perhaps that is why it is so near and dear to my heart.

I listen to Christmas music at work..in the car…while doing dishes.  I sing along to all my classic favorites being remastered by celebrity voices…and on occasion find myself singing along…purposely avoiding the dirty stares from my hubsy.

I dream of snow filled days with gigantic snowflakes falling from the clear blue skies.  With brisk night walks bundled up in the cutest of outfits…somehow managing to look absolutely adorable while being comfortable warm.

I dream of sledding in the freshly fallen snow…blankets of cold fluff enveloping me as I tumble down a snowy hill.

I see cold red noses rushing into the house from the brisk cold as I hover over a pot of warm goodness ready to warm up their bellies and listen to their ramblings of snowball fights.

Classic Russian Borsch Recipe – Красный Борщ (1)

Smells of brown sugar and cinnamon are ever present in the kitchen… And gooey cookies emerge ever so effortlessly out of the oven.

 Salted Caramel and Nutella Stuffed Fudgy Cookies-018

Over the years…I have learned that the holidays be it Christmas, Hanukkah or New Years are not about the gifts, or the carols or the hectic shopping malls (although we inevitably find ourselves wandering through them).

The holidays are about family and friends.  Sharing laughter and tales together over a warm, blazing fire and steaming cups of hot cocoa.  Children running around the house chasing each other, finally collapsing on the floor exhausted and elated.

One of the very important parts of the holidays is the food.  Holiday treats are sweet delights and mini bites of savory goodnesss.  Truffles, French toast, mug cakes, canapes, piping hot bowls of creamy soups.  All of these are part of my favorite holiday treats.

Nutella and Caramel Mug Cake. Girl and the Kitchen

So follow me on my trip down memory lane and on my way to creating new recipes and stories for years to come.

25 Days of Holiday Treats will be a fabulous series full of new and old recipes that I have come to love!  Some that I remember making with my mom.  Others that I will be making with my own munchkin.

So come into my kitchen and join me on this fantastic round up!

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